About the Executive Director
About the
Executive Director
Virgil Phillips Jr. is the founder and Executive Director of Lessons for Life, a nonprofit organization that helps middle and high school students expand their potential through educational and social events including financial literacy, occupation opportunities, life skills, and workforce etiquette. Virgil will be the primary instructor for Lessons for Life in which he will provide students with knowledge that they can utilize outside of the classroom, as well as provide them with the opportunity to interact with successful Henrico County district schools alumni.

Virgil received his Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from James Madison University in 2016, his Master of Business Administration from Capella University in 2019 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Higher Education Administration with a specialization in Educational Leadership at Liberty University.

Aside from his obligations at Lessons for Life, Virgil also holds the position of Program Manager at VCU Health System. Within this role, he provides and manages undergraduate students at Virginia Commonwealth University through a health-related internship within VCU Health System. Along with this, he mentors and prepares these undergraduate students for the transition from undergraduate to the workforce.

Lessons for Life aligns with three main values that Virgil upholds throughout his life: motivation, education, and perseverance. Motivation, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, is important to Virgil because this is the driving factor that drives us towards our goals. Virgil believes that education is the foundation in which success is built upon and the determining factor that allows us to attain our goals. Virgil also believes that the challenge to attain your goals has to be combined with perseverance to overcome the obstacles that will arise when striving for success.

Virgil is a native of Henrico, VA and an alumnus of Highland Springs High School, located in the Henrico County School District. After graduating from high school, Virgil was able to see how his friends and colleagues adjusted to life after high school, whether that be college, the armed forces, or the workforce. While each of them had received a high school education, many of them were not equipped with the knowledge or tools to apply in life which led to unemployment or large amounts of debt. The need for specific knowledge and education sparked the beginning of Lessons for Life, with the goal of equipping the following generations of high school students with the tools for a successful life.

Virgil Phillips Jr.
Executive Director
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